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Crazy dream time!

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Jul. 31st, 2007 | 11:35 am

Ok, so here's how it went down.

My brother came to Misso (my fiance) and i on some random day and was like, "Do you want to go to this show? It's *bands* and *some band with 2 female lead singers that's not Tegan and Sara or Meg and Dia* and i think it's $14 at the door. It's at *insert smoke-free bar that Squink's head invented on Main Street in Salt Lake.*" So we said yes and went to the show. i didn't think they'd take a debit card at the door, and didn't have cash, but they did! And the show was only $12 for the two of us! Man, it was a sweet deal.

Also, i had my gun with me. i don't actually have a gun, but a few days ago i had a zombie apocalypse dream that i can't really remember except for the fact that i had a premonition and bought a gun before the zombies came out, so i was prepared for any situation i'd ever need to quickly and efficiently kill a lot of zombies in a tight spot. That's all a gun is good for in a zombie apocalypse, and ammo won't last forever, so it's always best to use long-lasting, easily replenishable supplies, unlike bullets.

Anyway, i had my zombie-fightin' gun on me (i guess just in case), and was a little worried about security stopping me from entering, but they didn't have too tight a reign on this show. Lucky for me.

So we went in this bar, which basically looked like a steak-house upstairs, except for it was like a steak-house built out of someone's upstairs living/dining room. The bar area was what had previously been the kitchen, and the booze came out of cabinets. Not like the bartenders would grab the booze bottles from the cabinets, but there were actual spouts ON the cabinets. Pretty weird.

i was trying desperatly hard to figure out what to drink. i sort of wanted this drink that was made from caramel and Kahlua or something, but for the life of me i couldn't remember what it was, and i thought about getting a White Russian, but decided i didn't really want that, either. i ended up not drinking anything, partially because i was feeling indecisive, and also because i was weirded out that the booze came out of cabinets. Misso had a cranberry-vodka, her staple beverage.

So we started going downstairs (where the show was happening) and who was coming up, but Tristan?! "Hey Tristan!" i said jovially. He returned with, "Oh hi Squink!" and Misso and i kept going down the stairs.

We got to the bottom and this band that was really really slow was playing, and then i think there was this band with the drummer singing, but it was totally weird because it was like he was being super aggressive at singing, standing up and devouring his microphone and stuff, but was also playing the drumms, which are really hard to keep playing if you stand up. i'm just saying...

So finally this 2-girl-singer-unnamed-band was getting ready to get on the stage, when very suddenly these OTHER two girls stood up in the middle of a bunch of people sitting cross-legged on the floor (WTF? This isn't the huka bar, kids) and whipped out some guns from their long, trendy coats, sort of like Legally Blonde meets the Matrix, and started shooting people, so naturally i got out my zombie-fightin' gun (i knew i had this thing around for a reason), and popped off a couple of shots. The first one easily dispatched crazy hooker #1 with a metal skull-injection, and the second took hoe #2 in the shoulder, incapacitating her trigger-arm.

So naturally people started freaking out, especially the still-living overdramatic killing-rampage hooker, obviously because i killed her sister. Whatever. They were shooting people.

Anyway, that was the end of that dream. It was pretty exciting and crazy. i hope you liked it.

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