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Aug. 20th, 2007 | 01:21 pm

Is this the duldrums?
Is this delirium?

Who would've dreamed i'd be daily drudging through dormancy.
Normalcy was not what i signed up for. No offense.

i've seen visions.
i've dreamed dreams.
i've awoken to bondage.

My hands are tied tight in origami cuffs.
Green presidential busts stare solemnly from their positions around my wrists.

And i, too, am green.
Green to visions.
Green to dreams.
Even green to slavery.

And i, too, am green.
Green like God, but for less noble things.
Green for freedom.
Green for creation.

Green for sex.
Green for a life worth living.
Green for assurance,
And green for unadulterated truth.

Green like ripening fruit.
And green like rotting flesh.

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